The Springys wall unit can fit easily into sports clubs and provides a unique ‘pre-hab’ set of exercises designed to strengthen the core.

The core underpins most movements and range of functions required for playing sport. The core includes muscles in abdominals, the back and pelvic-hip region. This this area of the body acts as the driver and controller of most sport specific movements.  A strong core helps protect against sporting injuries.

The Springys system is designed to specifically strengthen the core, whilst also providing postural awareness, flexibility, stability, mindfulness and cardiovascular conditioning. It provides unique ‘pre-hab’ results, helping players protect themselves from injury.

Penny Cula-Reid

Penny Cula-Reid is an Australian Rules footballer who played for the Collingwood Football Club (AFL Women’s competition) and is now Senior Coach of Collingwood’s VFLW team.

Penny’s love of football was dampened by a lower disc bulge that caused her substantial pain after just a couple of minutes of running.

Since commencing Springys twice a week in 2017, she’s increased her core strength; switching on muscles that had prior laid dormant.

“Martine provides hands-on feedback and I’ve learnt how to activate muscles I previously wasn’t using.

I’m now running six and a half minutes pain-free, which is better than I’ve ever been,” she says, “I used to only manage two minutes at best.”

“Unfortunately I didn’t realise the benefit of pre-hab until I was injured. If I could go back, I would have done this years ago.”